Detox Smoothie Recipe for Faster Weight Loss



1 cup baby spinach

1 cup strawberries

1 medium apple, skin on, cored and diced

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 cup frozen pineapple chunks

1 cup coconut water, add more as needed

1 pack of Dr. Ora Collagen

Honey (optional)



Throw all of the ingredients into your blender, and blast on high for 30 to 60 seconds until smooth and creamy.


Coconut Water: It is low in calories and carbohydrates, and is almost completely fat-free. It’s also a natural energy drink that’s rich in electrolytes that keep you hydrated. It also pairs well with fruits and vegetables.


Spinach: This immunity-boosting champion is loaded with iron and other minerals, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, protein, antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory power. You can add 1 to 2 cups into any blend without really changing the flavor.


Apples: Pectin is a soluble fiber in apples that help sweep the colon for digestive health. Apple pectin lowers the body’s demand for insulin, keeping apples’ glycemic index low. Many of the nutrients and fiber in apples are also concentrated in the skin, the main reason why we included the peels in this recipe!


Strawberries: Strawberries are rich in phytonutrients, vitamin C, mineral buffers, and omega-3s, these righteous red berries are bursting with antioxidants ammo to combat inflammation in the eyes, muscles, and blood. As it is full of fiber, strawberries are great for digestion and detox.


Pineapple: Bromelain, the protein-digesting enzyme in pineapple, bolsters the power of its vitamin C content to help clear respiratory congestion, suppress coughs, loosen mucus, flush out toxins, reduce swelling and bloating, and stimulate circulation for a deep-dive detox. 


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