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Here’s Why Getting A Skincare Fridge Is A Worthy Investment

Here's Why Getting A Skincare Fridge Is A Worthy Investment

If you are always on the skincare side of Instagram and Twitter, you have probably already read about this trend in the beauty industry. A skincare fridge is a miniature refrigerator specifically intended to store and keep your beauty products like serums, toners, and eye creams at a cool temperature.

Product storage used to be an overlooked aspect of skincare. People used to settle for bathroom cabinets as the place to house all their beauty products and supplements. However, it is recommended that beauty products and supplements be stored between 8 to 12 °C to maintain their ideal consistency and reduce bacterial growth.

Thankfully, with the rise of mini skincare refrigerators, storing cosmetic products in cooler temperatures has become more accessible. Read on to find out why you should invest in a skincare fridge now.

1. Helps prolong the shelf life of some skincare products and supplements

Helps prolong the shelf life of some skincare products and supplements

Depending on the type and brand, some beauty products and supplements can have an extended shelf life if stored in a skincare fridge.

Product formulations that contain probiotics, retinol, and vitamin C typically have a relatively shorter shelf life. When they reach their expiration date, the active ingredients can become less potent, and their efficacy can be compromised. Hence, refrigerating them may be a good idea, as it promotes a more stable environment for the products’ storage.

These kinds of products flourish better in environments with cold temperatures. In contrast, heat and humidity can result in the oxidation of some of your beauty products.

However, note that not all of your beauty products should be refrigerated. Oils and fragrances should not be placed inside a fridge, as cooler temperatures can cause their formula to separate. Similarly, makeup items like lipsticks and eyeshadows are harder to use when refrigerated.

2. Enhances the depuffing effect of your skincare products

Enhances the depuffing effect of your skincare products

If you use anti-inflammatory skincare products, such as serums, toners, face mists, and sheet masks, you have more reason to purchase a beauty fridge. When chilled, these products can become more effective at depuffing your face, minimising swelling, and boosting your skin’s radiance.

In Singapore, skin supplements rich in vitamin C are pretty popular. If you have them as part of your skincare routine, you should buy a beauty fridge to maintain their efficacy for a longer time.

Aside from your beauty products, your skincare tools can also serve you better when kept cool or refrigerated. For instance, chilled undereye cooling wands and facial rollers can help boost lymphatic drainage and make your skin firmer and sculpted.

3. More effective and hygienic than an ordinary fridge

More effective and hygienic than an ordinary fridge

This has probably already crossed your mind: you have a perfectly functioning refrigerator in the kitchen, so you will use that instead of spending more money on a skincare fridge. While you can do that, it is highly recommended that you have separate storage for your food items and your beauty products for hygiene purposes.

Compared to an ordinary kitchen refrigerator that stores raw meat and vegetables, a beauty fridge is cleaner and more hygienic. Moreover, standard refrigerators are usually set at a lower temperature than skincare fridges. Hence, the consistency of your beauty products can be compromised if you choose to store them in a kitchen fridge.


Beyond the aesthetic value it adds to your Instagram grid, a skincare fridge helps you store your beauty products in a cleaner and better environment. Moreover, if you are looking for an effective way to extend the shelf life of your cosmetic items, this is one beauty buy that you should consider.

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