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Customer Reviews

4.5 1.2k Reviews
Dr Ora crystal luxe
Halfway through first box with 2 sachets every night, and I can feel my skin more hydrated than before and pores getting smaller as well. Can’t wait to finish the whole box to see better results!
Very well!
shikin hazman
Loving how it taste and handy, I’m able to bring it everywhere with me. However, would love if the sachets contains 30 so that I could drink up daily.
This product is highly recommended! 😀
Brighter Skin!
My skin is getting brighter in 3-4 weeks after the consume of the dr ora’s supplement. Very satisfied with this product.
Physical and chemical sunscreen
Pat Chew
It’s a physical and chemical sunscreen, protects UVA and UVB.
Finally found a SPF 50 sunblock that is non-sticky
Melissa Low
Finally found a sunblock with high SPF that is non-sticky. Will repurchase
Cannot apply too much
Jas Tan
Product is good, however, cannot apply too thick on the skin, looks cakey
Does not spray out well
Celine Chua

The nozzle does not spray out well, try to spray closer to the skin for better effect. Love the supplement tho.
Product sits well on my skin
Connie Siew
I like how the color blends well with my skin. Recommend this product
Absorbs quickly and non-sticky
Lisa Poh
Absorbs into the skin very quickly. Used it for me beach holiday and it protected my skin very well!
Gives me a glowy look and does not clog pores
I have sensitive skin and this works well for me, did not clog my pores. I like the whitening effect too.
My mum and I loves it!
Jaclyn Phang
Shared it with my mum and we all love it. Has a pleasant scent that is refreshing.
Whitening effect and natural shine
Chen Xin
Makes my skin fairer and glowy too
Everyone in my family loves it
Sandy Koh
It’s a big bottle and I shared it with my family. everyone thinks it is good
Has a tone up effect
Irene Liew
The tone up effect gives my skin a nice look. Can just go out with the sunscreen alone.
Too big and messy spray
Jess Wong
It’s too big to bring around and gets a bit messy when you don’t spray properly.
Pei si Tan
A lot of sunscreen in the market doesn’t completely protect the skin from tan, but this one really does. I did not even get tan from my Bali beach holiday. I used it in combination with their sunblock supplement.
Very lightweight and moisturising
Bryan Loh
My skin tends to get dry and some sunscreen will make my skin look very cakey. This sun spray is very moisturising and makes my skin smooth and radiant.
Light weight and fast absorption
Cyndi Koh
On first look, based on the packaging, I thought it will be a cream based quality sunblock but once I used it, it seems to a mousse texture and the texture feels so different from what I usually used.
It was definitely lightweight, and I love how fast it absorb into my skin that I can’t feel the sticky-ness at all.

After applied, you can instantly see my skin turning white which is good as it live up to its description and moreover, it’s also fragrance free that it will not affect the scent on tour body like your perfume or body lotion.

The free cushion is definitely a very good idea for people that wants to apply it without touching on the product.

Everyone should try it 😀

Non-sticky and non-oily
Francesca Soh
Sun spray feels great, it is non-sticky and non-oily. The bottle is too big to bring around.
Able to reapply the sunscreen
Joey Lai
The product comes with a cushion for reapplication. I like how it is able to glide on my skin so smoothly using the cushion. But the downside is the storage of cushion after using, hope Dr. Ora can provide a casing next time.
Corrects my skintone
Cas Wong
Gives a glowy effect to the skin. Evens out and corrects my skin tone as well.
Watery texture
Grace Tan
Have been consuming their supplement for 3 months and love it. So I have decided to give their sunscreen a try. It has a watery texture and gives a glowy finish. Used it for my Bali trip together with the supplement and I am happy to say that I didn’t even get the slightest tan. LOVE IT!
Light weight on the skin
Jasmine Low
I like how the sunscreen feels light on the skin. However, I am not a fan of the spray nozzle, sometimes it gets a little messy.
This sunscreen is amazing
Mel Tan
I’m so in love with this new product. I have used it on my kids today as well. Love that it is safe that they can use it too. I love how glowy and radiant my skin looks! Most sunscreen that I have tried is either tinted, oily or sticky and contains silicones that clog pores. Really glad that I found this brand.
Renee Teo
Love how quick it absorbs and doesn’t feel sticky.
Love the texture
Xiao Hui
It has a light refreshing smell and slightly minty. Not sticky. Love how the product sits well on my skin.
Fades Tanlines and Scars!
Melissa Wee
I’ve just finish 3 boxes and I LOVE IT!!! I didn’t get fairer but I stopped getting darker from riding in the sun! I have a couple of abrasion scars from my road accident about 1 year ago and it’s actually fading! Think this is actually more effective than bio oil. Haha. Also there are weird tan lines on my hands prior to taking this but it’s evening out. I got a tan like 2 weeks ago cause I was in the hot sun for 5 hours straight but it’s fading quickly also. I love the taste btw! And I feel like it boosts my immune system also.
No tan lines
Derine Tan

I took Dr Ora before my trip to Sunway Lagoon with my children. I noticed my skin did lighten as compared to before. Didn’t leave any sunburnt marks during our trip.

Fairer and glowing skin
Jessica chen
Also, I’m not sure if the product helps with detox and bowel movement but I’ve been taking it every morning for a week now and I’m going to the toilet more regularly.
Evens out my skin tone
Clara low
Previously my skin was close to shade 7, now is a 5. So it’s about 2 shades lighter! Noticed a more even skin tone as well!
Smoother skin and blemish free

Yan Xin Low

Didn’t notice a significant fairer skin, but I love how smooth my skin is after drinking Dr. Ora AURA WHITE. I’ve also noticed that my blemishes starts to fade as well.

Tan lines are gone
Crystal Tan
Currently on my second box and I noticed that the tan lines on my arm is gone, however the face is still a little dark. Will continue taking it.
I love it!
Queeny Koo
I’ve been using this product consistently. Works great. It gave a nice glow to my skin. I love how convenient for me to bring around and eat it on-the-go and it taste great too!
No hash tan line from Australia Summer travel
Jasmine Loh
Spent my December Holiday travelling in Australia summer sun (known to have the harshest summer), and I must say this product really protected me well. Only noticed a slight tan to my shoulders while my friends were all burned pretty badly. Love it!!! Will continue to purchase.
2 shades fairer
Jermaine Chua
Religiously consuming this product for 3 months now and love how it actually lightens by skin by 2 shades. Also noticed that my skin tone is less yellowish.
Maintains my fair skin!
Regina Chew

I have been out under the sun lately and I need to maintain my fair skin, so I tried Dr Ora! Surprisingly I get 1 tone fairer instead!! Thank you Dr Ora!

Promising results
Gina Tan

I’ve tried almost all whitening products in the market as I have uneven skin tones and tan lines. Most products work temporary for the day or cost a bomb. DR ORA is priced reasonably and works efficiently. Before finishing a box, I can already see promising results!

Fades scar

This is my first oral sunblock supplement and I think it’s been working well thus far. There was an obvious indication on my knee that made me decide this works really well for uneven skin as it faded my (estimated) 4-5 year scar.

No results yet
Currently 2 months into consuming AURA WHITE, so far no results. But, I do enjoy taking it in the morning, which gives me the energy to kick start the day.
I love it
Pearl Low

Love the taste. I consume it directly from the sachet, but kept choking on the powder initially. Gets better after some time.

Smoother and Brighter Skin

1st time trying. After taking for 2 weeks, I find my skin smoother & brighter. Still observing the whitening effect, will continue with the consumption

Works well with sunblock
Linda Chua
Always knew that sunblock is not enough to protect against the sun damage. This works so well in complementary with my sunblock. Not even a single tan line from my Bali holiday.
Great for sun protection
Sherine Tan
Have tried and tested multiple sun care oral supplements and Dr. Ora AURA WHITE beats all hands down. No tan lines from my Phuket travel.
Stress free travel
Takes the pressure off the need to reapply sunblock very few hours.
It really whitens my skin!!!
Jasmine Ong
Have been taking 2 sachets a day and really observed a lighter skintone!!!!
More radiant
Crystal Soo

Initially I was quite skeptical of this, but recently I have been receiving many complements on my skin radiance. Will definitely repurchase.

Love it!
Nicole Wong

Loving the radiance! I don’t even have to use blusher anymore!

Great product
Celine Tan

I do see a lighter skin tone overall, highly recommend this product to replace those expensive Whitening Brands. Save money n good results.

Sarah Lim
First time trying, love the taste. Need to stir longer to ensure all the powder dissolve in water.
Lightens my tan line

Went snorkeling in krabi 6 months ago and was stuck with a tan line on my butt. I am currently about 3 weeks in and can see the tan line slowly fading!!! Gonna stock up more!

Great supplement
Sabrina Chan

Overall more even skin tone and better complexion. But whitening effect not so much.

Fades scar
Sally Teng
Had a pretty bad scar for months and has finally started to fade more. Radiance wise, not so much. Will get more to see if there is better results.
2 shaded fairer
Stephanie Goh

This product works so well on me! I have been consuming for 1.5 mnths and I think I am close to 2 shades fairer. Super amaze!

Lighter and softer skin
Cassandra Chew

Have not exactly measure my skin colour against the chart, but I do think that my it is lighter now. Skin definitely feels smoother and softer.