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Top 5 Skincare Trends To Look Out For And Hop On In 2022

Top 5 Skincare Trends To Look Out For And Hop On In 2022

The global pandemic ushered in a renewed focus on personal health and wellness, especially skincare. Thus, many sought hero ingredients and potent actives to revitalise their skin at a more meaningful level.

With a slew of significant trends emerging for the new year, here are the top five to look out for that will bring your skincare routine up to date for 2022.

1. Minimalism and skin health

With the heightened awareness of well-being in the last couple of years, this renewed appetite for attaining resilient, strong, and naturally glowing skin is unsurprising.

This year rolls back on the ‘all-out’ approach and instead focuses on the “less is more” mentality, prioritising the skin’s underlying health. Experts also expect more people to simplify their skincare routine and go with a minimalist approach. Many realise that using an abundance of products doesn’t guarantee effective results and often cause unwanted effects instead.

2. Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy is gaining traction as skincare advocates shift their mindset toward looking good and feeling great.

This treatment essentially invigorates the skin by harnessing the effects of low temperatures, which can cause pores to tighten and the skin’s blood vessels to contract, resulting in firmer skin and rejuvenated looks. If you’ve ever used ice cubes to relieve the puffiness around your under-eye area, you would know how much relief such cooling can bring to your skin.

3. Whole-body skincare

This year’s whole-body skincare trend aims to push the idea of extending our routine to include everything from head to toe and pay more attention to taking care of our body overall.

Ideally, skin care shouldn’t focus solely on one’s face and stop at the neck. Expect to see active ingredients typically found in facial products, such as retinol, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid, to become more frequently included in products intended for the body.

4. Broader protection

Consumers now demand more from skincare products besides delivering their results; they also want protection.

In today’s modern world, plenty of things can easily damage our skin without the proper protection. UV damage from the sun, blue light, smog, smoke, pollution, bacteria germs, viruses, and many others can damage the skin and cause illnesses. Hence, there is growing interest in anti-microbial products, antioxidant serums, blue light protection treatments, and specialised sunscreens.

Consumable oral sunscreen has been getting more popular as well, with more consumers gaining awareness of the many benefits of oral sun protection. For example, Dr Ora’s Aura White Ultra acts as an oral sunscreen on top of being a skin whitening and anti-ageing supplement. It prevents the formation of melanin and protects the skin from sun damage, offering the broader protection that many consumers are looking for.

5. The rise of skincare supplements

The rise of skincare supplements

Skincare should include what we put onto our skin and what we put into our bodies.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the links between hormone balance, gut health, and well-being and their impact on skin health. That is why we are witnessing a rising trend of efficacy-backed beauty supplements in Singapore.

Of course, it is vital to do your due diligence by researching thoroughly and taking note of the ingredients in these beauty supplements to avoid any potential side effects.


Skincare trends come and go as time passes, and it is up to the individual to seek out which of them works best for their routine. With 2022 still in its first quarter, it’s safe to say that there may be more trends to come in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for the next thing that could dramatically transform your skincare routine for the best!

If you’re looking for the best skin supplements in Singapore to complete your skincare routine, Dr Ora is here to help! We are committed to providing clinically proven supplements that are 100% natural with zero preservatives to help you achieve clear and flawless skin. Feel free to reach out to us to find out more!

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